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More About Genesis Elite

Integrated Trax Rail System

The integrated Trax Rail System works well with most T-slot rack accessories from Rhino Rack, Yakima, Thule, and many more. **Accessories Sold Separately**

Ultimate Cargo Management

Pairing the Trax Rail system with accessories optimizes your cargo capacity to handle whatever adventure awaits you.

Full Cover Functionality With Trax Rails

Maintain complete functionality of your cover and full access to your truck bed with a top cargo load in place. Looks great with cover open or closed.

One-piece Construction

Constructed from a one-piece sheet of polycarbonate that is engineered to retract without joints or hinges that can trap dust, wear out or freeze.

Patented Design

The patented low-profile design incorporates a front cover that is flush with the truck bed cover, which streamlines the overall appearance and provides a firm, dependable seal to help to keep the truck bed dry.

Sealed Ball-bearing Roller Design

Sealed ball-bearing rollers mounted onto the aluminum support beams allow the RetraxONE MX truck bed cover to retract or close effortlessly without the use of springs or any kind of mechanism, no moving parts to jam, freeze or fail. The compact storage canister, approximately 11 inches squared, contains a unique spiral track system that prevents the truck bed cover from coming into contact with itself as it opens or closes.


  • The Lund Genesis Elite Seal and Peel Tonneau is as easy on the eyes as it is easy to close
  • Custom made for a perfect fit on your truck
  • Built with Lund's exclusive HAARTZ twill-weave fabric for a stylish canvas look
  • The tightly woven tarp holds dirt, dust and road crud at bay for easy cleaning
  • Keeps Mother Nature from soaking and scorching your gear
  • Hides your valuable freight away from the jealous eyes of parking lot pilferers
  • Rolls all the way open for complete bed access
  • Closes tight with its ingenious tongue and groove system
  • Low-profile aluminum rails deliver a sleek finish
  • Built-in tailgate seal helps keep your Genesis Elite Seal and Peel Tonneau firmly locked in place
  • Simple to install with no drilling required
  • Made with pride in the USA
  • Lund backs your Elite Genesis Seal and Peel Tonneau Cover with a Lifetime Warranty