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  • Introducing the cover that fits your lifestyle, your truck and your budget: The Access Vanish Tonneau Cover
  • Custom-made to fit your truck bed
  • Sits just ½" above your bed rails, virtually invisible from the side or rear profiles
  • Secured by continuous high-strength Velcro side seals and Tight Bite™ Clamps with specially cut “teeth” for superior grip
  • Cover is weather-sealed on all four sides, including an Extra Element Seal gasket at the front, for total protection from wind, snow, hail and rain
  • Rolls with the support bows for fast full-bed access
  • Opens easy with a trigger latch release and simple slide locks
  • XT-Dial tension adjuster offers direct tension control with the turn of a dial
  • No Need to Remove – Stores neatly behind the cab with premium quick-release straps
  • UV-protected fabric material won't stretch in heat and stays flexible to -40°F
  • Easy installation in minutes with Tight Bite™ clamps (most trucks)
  • Includes flexible storage straps to secure your roll-up cover compactly behind the cab
  • No need to remove – Stores neatly behind the cab
  • Access Vanish Tonneau Covers are proudly made in the USA
  • With improved aerodynamics, you may see an improvement in MPG
  • Your Access Vanish Tonneau Cover is backed by a 3-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship